Member Registration/Renewal

Welcome to the Hastings Valley Hunting Club Member Registration/Renewal Page.

Firstly, you need to be a member of our new system, Member Jungle, before you can renew or become a member.


If you already have an account with Member Jungle, select "LogIn". If not select “Register” and complete that process. You can renew by selecting the appropriate choice in the drop down box and completing the form. You will need your Firearms Licence, HVHC number, and Credit Card. You will be asked for payment at the end of the form.


Please select “REGISTER”, and complete that process. Then select "New Member" in the drop down box and complete the form. You will need your Credit Card and Firearms Licence, if you do not have a Firearms Licence please contact the Club ASAP (number shown below) and arrange a time to go through that procedure. You will be asked for payment at the end of the form.

If you are unable to complete your renewal or new membership online please contact the Club or attend the range on any scheduled shoot days and we will be only too happy to assist.

For a full list of membership benefits please click here.



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